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Ruby Hoedown & A Quick Note on nm-applet

I went to my first Ruby conference — Ruby Hoedown in Nashville, TN. I loved it and very much appreciated the “Nuby Hoedown” on Thursday. I couldn’t have learned more from Scott Chacon’s talk about github. We had a great time afterwards at an impromptu github drinkup, too! At the conference, I got a lot of code written, (played a lot of Ruby Warrior), and learned some new (to me) awesome features of Ruby.

I also finished Chris Pines’s book, Learn to Program, on the drive out to Nashville. It made me wish I had read that book first, before Peter Cooper’s book, Beginning Ruby. Despite reading the two books in the wrong order, I still got a lot out of both.

The real thing that prompted me to write this blog post was a recent issue with nm-applet. This is solely for my own sanity in case I experience another nm-applet fail on Ubuntu:

1. Kill nm-applet. Don’t do anything fancy. Kill ALL instances of nm-applet.
2. Open the command line and type “nm-applet” — AND JUST THAT. Again, nothing fancy.
3. Make sure you’ve only got one instance of the process running.

I know it sounds simple, but the Ubuntu forums screwed me over on this simple problem. I was trying some fancy command like “–disable ahisixhxisoi293″ and it didn’t help.

NOTE: man page for nm-applet not an option on this one… no help there!

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