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PHP Fog & Stuff

I recently got a beta invite from PHP Fog. They’re a platform-as-a-service cloud hosting solution that is allegedly as simple as Heroku (yay!) for Ruby. I’ve been playing with PHP more lately since my new job uses PHP as their language of choice, and I figured it’d be nice to have a stronger background in that area. I started off messing around with CakePHP, which is basically a Rails clone written in PHP, but not as pretty or simple or mature (or awesome.) But it’s not bad. I didn’t get very far with it (finished the basic blog tutorial) before I decided I wanted to play a little more with just PHP and MySQL, seperate from the MVC paradigms and the Cake framework, and more zoned in on (native) language features and how they work. I’m having fun with it! PHP Fog integrates with git, and I’m looking forward to playing with it more so I can write a real review of my experience. Just thought I’d throw out a quick update for now on what I’m up to on the tech side of things…. :)

On another equally geeky note, the hackerspace is going great in Durham. A local UNC student filmed a short video about our space. You can view it here: http://j.mp/edsJEW Oh, and another hackerspace just started up in Charlotte last month. Check them out here -> http://www.hackerspacecharlotte.org/. Anddddd… MakerFaire NC is scheduled for June 18th in Raleigh. Check out that info here -> http://makerfairenc.com/. We’ll definitely have a hackerspace presence representing the awesome NC (and Richmond, VA) spaces. Yay hackerspaces. :)

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