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Finding Ada – on Hacker News

If there is one thing I have learned from my short time poking my head in at science and technology, it’s that women are everywhere doing awesome things– we just don’t always hear about them unless we listen. For that reason, I believe more women should make their voices heard. That being said, it’s really awesome when women are noticed without having to yell, and when they get the same media coverage afforded to males in the field about equally awesome projects they are doing. I found out about a really neat project by Chloe Fan through Hacker News.

Chloe says, ” I created a simple version of Super Mario Bros using an 8×8 LED matrix (one color), an Arduino Nano, two buttons for the input (forward and jump), and a piezo sensor hooked to a separate Arduino for the theme song.” After researching more about Chloe Fan, she seems to be a very passionate woman in tech. She says on her website, “I am primarily interested in how engagement with technology in public spaces can increase environmental and behavior awareness, and encourage positive behavior changes. I am also interested in emotional and social interfaces, and assistive social robots.” I can barely attempt to paraphrase that, so I figured a direct quote would be best. But Chloe: Hack on! You’re doing something right.

(Note: I’m subsequently inspired by the possibilities of my Arduino nano that I just received in the mail today. How appropriate!)


2 Responses to “Finding Ada – on Hacker News”

  1. Chloe Fan says:

    Hi Ashley! Thank you for your nice post :) It’s really encouraging to see other women excited about technology and getting into hacking and building. Have fun with your Arduino! Best, Chloe.

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