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Celebrate why day!

Thankfully, this morning I was reminded by tweets that today is why day! One year ago today, unfortunately, why the lucky stiff left the Ruby community (and took his projects with him.) Thanks to his fellow rubyists, many of his projects survive and are still being hacked on and improved.

Why really helped change the way I approached learning to program. I probably would have never developed an interest in programming if it hadn’t been for shifting the way I think about writing code and creating applications … creatively. :) Why’s Guide influenced and changed the way a lot of people think about approaching new programming concepts for new programmers as well. If you haven’t read Why’s Poignant Guide to Ruby, now would be a good time:
Read it here

I also really love why’s work focused around teaching programming to kids. Hackety Hack and Shoes are examples of this. I need to leave for work in about an hour, but I plan on coming home tonight and hacking on a Shoes project for the evening. I’ll write another post in the future about the easiest way for beginners to get started with these tools (it can be less than straight forward.) Here’s the links for those of you interested in Shoes & Hackety Hack:

http://hacketyhack.heroku.com – “Hackety Hack is the coder’s starter kit. Programming should be fun, and easy! Hackety Hack provides an easy and fun way to create things with your computer.”
http://shoes.heroku.com – Shoes is a cross-platform toolkit for writing graphical apps easily and artfully using Ruby.


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